Nurturing Baby By the Ounce

When bottle feeding your baby, a good rule of thumb is to remember tiny babies have tiny tummies, about the size of his or her fist — so small, frequent feedings are always best. Start your baby’s feeding routine with one of our innovatively designed bottles.

From baby’s first bottle to memorable mealtime moments, we’re here to make it easy to know just how much to feed your baby and how often.

Feeding By the Spoonful

As your baby graduates to cereal and solid foods, he can take in more at each meal, fewer times per day. Our mealtime plates, bowls and utensils serve up perfect portions every time.

Relax and Enjoy Mealtime Moments

When developing a bottle feeding and mealtime routine for you and your baby, the two of you will naturally work out how much, and how often. And don’t forget, this routine may change as your baby grows.

HOW MUCH (breast milk/formula)
Breast milk and/or formula.
1 – 2 ounces
6 to 10 bottles per day
Practices instinctive sucking motion.
1 – 5 months
Breast milk and/or formula.
3 – 4 ounces
7 to 10 bottles per day
Tongue still pushes out food and baby still has a sensitive gag reflex. Still inclined to suck but not chew.
5 – 9 months
Introduce starter foods, such as mashed avocado and pureed banana, applesauce, squash and sweet potatoes.
4 – 6 ounces
4 to 5 bottles per day
Gag reflexes lessen; baby sits erect in a high chair and begins teething; thumb-andindex finger pickup of food begins.
9 – 12 months
Introduce a broader variety of mushy foods such as wild salmon, quinoa and oatmeal. Slowly introduce healthy oils such as olive and flax.
6– 8 ounces
3 to 4 bottles per day
Holds own bottle; tries self-feeding; smears, enjoys mess; reaches for food and utensils.
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