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Playtex® Mealtime Bowls

Designed for successful self-feeding. Playtex® Mealtime Bowls help make mealtime fun with lively colors and graphics while their shape and size guide parents toward proper kid-friendly portions. 

Product Information

BPA-free and Phthalate-free
Steep rounded sides make scooping easier for toddlers and keep things neater for parents
Bowls designed with a feeding expert to help your child learn how to successfully self-feed
Bowls are sized to help parents properly proportion food for toddler’s tummy
Bright colors and graphics help hold toddlers’ attention during meals
Rubber rims and non-slip rings on bowls’ bottoms help to prevent spills and messes
Easy to stack and store
Break-Proof and Shatter-Proof Guarantee*
Available in a variety of colors and designs
Create a set your toddler will love with the matching designs on our plates, bowls, cups and utensils!
Available in 3-pack

*If not completely satisfied, the return for full refund of purchase price, or replacement.

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