Playtex® Diaper Genie® Elite with Carbon Filter

The Ultimate Odor Lock system features a 7-layer refill bag, double clamp and anti-microbial pail, now with activated carbon filter to absorb and lock in strong diaper odors.

Product Information

Looking for a sweeter smelling nursery? Look no further than Diaper Genie Elite—the simple, effective way to help keep your nursery more hygienic, now with Activated carbon filter. Our design makes dirty diaper disposal quicker, less odorous and hands-free. The Diaper Genie Elite prevents odor unlike an ordinary pail and plastic bag. In fact, it’s the number #1 selling diaper pail brand.

Ultimate Odor Lock System

Having a baby opens a whole new world of beautiful things and some stinky things too. With the Diaper Genie Elite Ultimate Odor Lock System, a double-lock design seals away odors each time you drop in a dirty diaper, for a fresh-smelling nursery. A safe, natural activated carbon filter absorbs strong diaper odors and the antimicrobial protection helps fight germs and bacteria.

Ergonomic Design

The Diaper Genie's tall, ergonomic design means you don't have to bend down to throw away diapers. The Diaper Genie Elite Lid opens with a touch of the foot pedal for hands free disposal and is designed to fit flush when closed to ensure Odor Lock System Performance, sanitation and safety in the nursery. You never have to touch the pail with your hands making it more hygienic.

Holds up to 270 Diapers

Although you may not want to collect over 270 dirty diapers, it’s nice to know you can! The Diaper Genie Refill can hold up to 270 newborn diapers, which means less trips to the trash bin.

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We know what moms need and what babies love. The Diaper Genie Essentials and Diaper Genie Elite feature technology to help prevent odors and germs from overtaking your nursery. Diaper Genie accessories add convenience and ease anywhere you need to change a dirty diaper, at home or on the go. No wonder Diaper Genie is the #1 selling diaper pail brand

Diaper Genie Elite Diaper Pail at a Glance:

  • The all-in-one diaper pail helps control odors, contain germs and makes diaper disposal easy
  • NEW! With safe, natural activated carbon filter to absorb strong diaper odors.
  • Double-lock pail design and multi-layer refill helps seal in odors and germs
  • Antimicrobial protection inhibits odor-causing bacteria
  • Ergonomic design with foot pedal allows for easy, hygienic ,hands-free opening
  • Elite Pail holds up to 38 newborn diapers
  • Refill holds up to 270 newborn diapers<

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