Diaper Genie™ SmartCushion™

Make sure your baby is comfortable and secure while you change their dirty diaper with the Diaper Genie™ SmartCushion™ changing pad. This high-density, cushioning foam makes it comfy, while the smart, adaptable design lets you continue to use this changing pad as baby grows.  Simply flip the cushion over as your baby becomes a toddler for a larger changing surface.

Product Information

Comfortable High Density Foam
Comfy is as comfy feels. A high-density cushion creates a soft and comfy spot for baby to relax in as you do the dirty work.

Adaptable Design
It doesn’t just seem like your baby’s growing right before your eyes, she really is, so we wanted to make sure you could utilize the SmartCushion™ all through your baby’s diaper years. One side is specially contoured for infants, while the other accommodates your growing toddler.

Safety and Easy Cleaning
Safety comes first with the SmartCushion™. This waterproof cushion has a safety tether that anchors it to the table with an easy-release safety strap to help keep baby secure.

Diaper Genie™ SmartCushion™ at a Glance:

  • Higher density foam provides ultimate comfort for baby
  • Easily fits most dresser tops and changing tables, and accommodates most cushion covers
  • Adaptable design grows with baby - One side is specially contoured for infants, while the other accommodates babies as they grow
  • Features safety tether to anchor to changing table
  • Easy-release safety strap; and contoured design to help keep baby secure
  • Waterproof cover for easy cleaning

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